Carillon to ring changes in mall

Rebecca Trigger
The West AustralianMarch 15, 2013, 6:22 am

Rhys Greenhalgh with the bells of the Carillon in Perth

Rhys Greenhalgh with the bells of the Carillon in Perth.
The West Australian
Picture: Nic Ellis/The West Australian

Rhys Greenhalgh is project manager for its refurbishment,
due for completion in May.

The Bells which have been silent for more than 20 years
are ready to peal across central Perth again as part of a
30th anniversary restoration project for Carillon City shopping centre.

One of only four of its kind in Australia,
the carillon was completed in 1983 and lends its name to
the shopping centre, but it has been silent after it was switched off
after a public backlash over its use.

"I think originally when they were put in, they (the bells)
were rung excessively, so that didn't help, but the new system has
a variable velocity on the strikers,so they won't be at full belt all the time,"
project manager and campanologist Rhys Greenhalgh said.

Campanology is the study of bells, and
a carillon is more than 24 bells in a single system.

The project to restore the chimes entailed getting new strikers
forged in Belgium.

Mr Greenhalgh said this would give the bells a sweeter sound.

The strikers are due to arrive in Perth on April 12,
with the bells likely to start ringing in mid-May.

A computer program will ring the bells automatically at noon and 5.30pm.

They will be heard on the Hay Street mall but at times

the sound may drift over to St Georges Terrace,
depending on wind direction.

Evan Briers, director of investments for Hawaiian,
the company that owns the shopping centre, said
it was an effort to get the bells back online, but was worth it.

"With the reinvigoration of the city we wanted to introduce
some colour back in with some history and the bells
are part of that history," Mr Briers said.